I Can't Care More Than You Do

In light of a few inquiries as to why I’m charging for past sessions they may have already made purchases from, here is the best explanation I can come up with…

  • I love history. The idea of creating a legacy through photographing memories and generations gets me excited. 

  • I love relationship. When I run into one of my clients in a restaurant and they stop their dinner conversation to introduce me to the whole table as THEIR photographer, or the 16 year old, who says, “I can’t remember a birthday where I didn’t come see you, it’s sorta tradition now.” I am reminded that I play a role in families

  • I love creating.  To watch my subjects and see the light and feel the energy of the moment and KNOW without looking that I got THE shot.

When I bought Reflections & Images, I also inherited a fair number old sessions. I KEPT those sessions because I believed in the legacy of the company. And when I moved the company, I PAID to move those sessions to temperature controlled storage. And when I closed the storefront I PAID to have those sessions alphabetized and organized and sorted. 

But I’ve come to realize that I care more about these photographs, than the people in the photographs care about them.  

I recently had a confronting conversation with a long-time Reflections & Images client who hasn’t visited in recent years. It was confronting, not because they assumed these archived sessions were free, but because they compared my company to a big box photography chain whose primary business model is to PUSH as many people through, as FAST as they possibly can. The entitlement this client has in thinking that just because a different company offers a cd with purchase that I must also is sad, disappointing, and quite frankly insulting. 

So in full transparency, here’s the conversation. **Please note my response, because this is your answer to why I am charging for archived sessions. 



  • To the sweet mom who was raising a little one while attending college and couldn’t afford to pay then. 

  • To the family who lost their daughter since their last photo session.

  • To the countless others, who have been supportive in every decision I have ever tried to make to serve you better.  


Thank you for making my decision to hold onto these as long as I have WORTH it.