The Legacy of Oil Portraits

Before cameras trapped light to make photographs, Oil painting was the way families recorded their legacy. Oil painting is the process of using pigments and oils and a talented artist eye.

Pairing the realism of a photograph with the beauty, style and elegance of a free-hand painting results in a crafted masterpiece that competes with oil paintings at a fraction of the cost.

Commissioned pieces are printed on canvas with Fine Art Giclee technology then enhanced with contour brush strokes and oil enhancements.


Step 1: Design & Styling Appointment

We will bring your idea and vision to life!  Using the colors, textures and lighting unique to your home, we will design the look and feel of your piece.  The entire process from scene creation, to wardrobe & hair will be carefully planned. 

Step 2: Photography Day

Sleep well. Drink water. Have Fun!

Step 3: Production

Sit back relax as the magic happens... you'll get proofs for approval along the way so you have full creative input.